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Miaouli square, one of the rare squares in Greece, of the 19th century. Among neoclassical buildings around the square are:
- The Town Hall, one of the largest municipalities in Greece, founded in 1876, the work of German architect Ernst Ziller. Apart from municipal services and the courts, on the West side of the Museum, which today hosts a significant number of findings from the Chalandriani and interesting Hellenistic and Roman sculptures, inscriptions and stelae from the ancient town of Syros.


- The Municipal library, housed on the ground floor of the cultural center (formerly "Club"), a beautiful neo-classical building of the 19th century (1863-1865). Today it has more than 50000 books derived from the collection of Syros that was founded in 1835 and from private donations. You can see old versions of the hermoupoli’s printing houses of the 19th century, which were important for the history of Greek typography and rare editions from the 16th century. The Library holds some years now, an important exhibition on the history of writing, titled "Paper and Calamari".

- Another important milestone for the history of the Cyclades Islands of Syros, is the Cyclades historical archive's or files of Cyclades in miaouli square. housed since 1990 in a building that was donated by the municipality of Hermoupolis. Here are kept important documents concerning the 19th century of Syros’ society and rare publications from major printers in Europe. The offices of the Archives are open to the public from Monday to Friday from 8.30- 14.30. Τel. - fax: 22810 86891 http://gak.kyk.sch.gr

- Ascending towards Agios Nikolaos from Miaoulis square we find the Municipal Theater "Apollon", built in 1862-1864 designed by the Italian architect Pietro Clogs. The design is influenced by at least four Italian standards. The operation began on April 20, 1864, with Verdi's play “Rigoletto”. Today it operates and hosts theatrical and musical performances from Greece and abroad

- The Church of the assumption with the relevant post-Byzantine icon of Domenicos Theotokopoulos (El Greco).

- The industrial Museum with its impressive machinery exhibition and archival material, which was founded by the municipality of Hermoupolis and the Centre of Neohellenic research of Nation (National Research Foundation) in the renovated Katsimanti factory and was inaugurated on 12 May 2002. With this task a serious effort was completed in the field of rescue of great industrial heritage and the preservation of historical memory.
Tel.: 22810 81 243, 22810 84 762

- In the area of Neapoly and on the road that leads to the medieval area of Ano Syros, the municipal cemetery of St. George can be found, which was inaugurated in 1834 and is an " open Museum of modern sculpture ". It’s oldest preserved part is located south of the precinct of the Church of St. George and includes important funerary sculpture mainly from renowned artists from the island of Tinos, of the 19th century.

- The architectural wealth of the island's capital, Ermoupolis is well known. A significant number of buildings, private and public, are representative examples of 19th century architecture, which were designed and built by Bavarian architects and Greek engineers such as Weiler, Erlacher, Ziller, Blysidis, Eleftheriadis and decorated by Italian artists and locals. You can browse through the streets and alleys of Hermoupolis and admire the neoclassical buildings, public and private, in Vaporia area, Miaoulis square and Theatre Square, in the Metamorphosis area at Apollo street etc. The architectural tradition of Hermoupolis continued, in the second half of the 19th century, in villages such as Posidonia, Chroussa, Parakopi, Piskopeio, where there are, the imposing residences of wealthy bourgeois of Hermoupolis, surrounded with gardens and pebbled courtyards. Buildings that represent an important aspect of the cultural history of Syras and reveal the age of acne in which a dynamic was developed at all levels, in the economic, social and educational.


The are of Ano Syros, is one of the most representative samples of medieval cities of insular Greece, which is maintained in good condition until today. At the same time was one of the oldest municipalities of the country founded in 1834.

In Piazza, the main street of the village, you can visit:

A) the MUSEUM of MARKOS VAMVAKARIS In this small museum are kept some of the few personal belongings of this great composer, which his relatives gave to the municipality

B) the EXHIBITION OF TRADITIONAL PROFESSIONS While at the same place the visitor can find the historical archive of the former municipality of Ano Syros with rare historical documents, a big part, refers to the community of Ano Syros during the Greek revolution.

C) the report from the Centre for historical studies of the Catholic Diocese of Syros, hosted at the religious complex of St. George in Ano Syros, next to the Church and includes: documents mainly historical, religious, papers and some that relate to the administration of the island from the 16th to the 19th century. Rare editions from the 16th to the 18th century by several major printing houses in Europe. Maps of Greece, Cyclades and Syras of the most important cartographers of the 17th and 18th centuries as well as religious relics

D) In room 03 on Piazza of Ano Syros you can wander in an exhibition entitled ' Notebooks and photographs of students of the 19th century ". The poet Manos Eleftheriou presents in his hometown one section of his personal collection. The school experience as this unfolds in school notebooks of 19th and 20th century, handwritten notes, student’s exercises, books, indicative, calligraphy notebooks, mainly from elementary schools as well as photographic souvenirs from various parts of Greece (Cyclades Islands, Epirus, Mytilene, Thessaloniki, Crete, Peloponnese, Attica, etc.), but also from the schools of Greek communities in Istanbul, Smyrna, Pergamum, Cappadocia, Alexandria, Port Said. A world which unfolds across and parallel with the official school handbook



We propose:
- The walking routes that take place every week on the island, organized by Syros Hikers group. More information and details (marked and non-marked paths) are available at the official site of the Group of hikers (www.hikingteam.gr) where you can also register.

- Photography and film workshops organized each year by Platon Rivellis on his superb site, that he preserves, in Amarantos area

- Cooking seminars with recipes from Cyclades. Culinary walks and tours in Syros guided by Mary Krina, gastronomist and Cook

Find here the programme of all Cultural Activities "Syros Culture 2017"

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