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Open Water Swimming (0.5K, 3.5K, 5.5K)


Open Water Swimming

5.5 km

Starting Point: Fabrika

Ending Point: Megas Gialos - Agios Antonios


3.5 km

Starting Point: Βάρη

Ending Point: Megas Gialos - Agios Antonios


0.5 km

Starting Point: Agios Antonios

Ending Point: Megas Gialos - Agios Antonios

Position: Common ending point for all distances in St. Antonios – M. Gialos. The exit from the sea will be on a sandy beach and passing by the timing arch.

The starting point for the big distance swimming (5,5km) will be from the sandy beach of Fabrica. The starting will be given while all athletes are standing on the sand – into the water and the starting ribbon in front of them.

As soon as starting is given, the athletes will run to the point which they would like to start swimming towards the first buoy (more details can be found on the maps given in our site)

The starting point for the mid distance (3,5km) will be from the sandy beach of Vari with the same way. The athletes for this distance will embodiment to the total of the rest of the athletes from the big distance (more details can be found on the maps given in our site).

The starting point for the short distance (500m) will be given from the sandy beach of St. Antonio, right across the finishing point with a triangular movement, without bothering the swimming of the athletes coming from the other two distances. The finishing poing will be common for everyone and the athletes will be distinguished by the colour of their caps. (more details can be found on the maps given in our site)

Warming: The warming will start 20 minutes before the starting and will last for 15 minutes. The technical update will be done before the warming, 35 minutes in total before the starting and 15 minutes until the starting of the warming.

Route Marking: The 1st (3,5km and 5,5km) and the last buoy of the routes will be colored red. All the other buoys between will be colored yellow.

For the short distance all the buoys will be red.
Red buoy means passing by from the right side – having the buoy on our right shoulder.
Yellow buoy is just a route mark and must pass by near it (10 meters max) from whichever side we like.
All buoys will be more than 1,5m high and in total will be 12 of them, for the long route.

Hydration points: In-water hydration points will be place approx.. in the middle of the long distance and approx.. 500m after the meeting point with the mid distance. Swimmers, are not allowed to touch the boat or the platform in the sea.

Athletes’s exit: Volunteers will be waiting for all athletes after exiting the water and passing by the finishing arch, to hydrate them with water & juice.

Athletes’ bags: Each swimmer will receive a numbered bag (unique number for each athlete). All bags for all the athletes swimming the two big distances, will be received from the starting point of their races (Fabrika, Vari, St. Antonios) one hour before the start of the race. Afterwards they will be transferred to the ending point.

After finishing, all athletes will receive his bag after showing his numbered cap.
In order to receive the Athletes Kit one should participate at the race and be present at the starting point.
For the last minute registrations, the Athletes Kit may not be full.
Athletes who registered but never showed up at the starting point will not receive the Athletes kit after the race.

Security: All swimmers will wear the special numbered cap of the event which will be easily recognized by the colours.

Before the starting, a technical presentation will be done and will be given information on the signing of the routes. Moreover, it will be explained that if an athlete does not feel well and needs help will have to stop, raise his hand and wait for the lifeguards to see him and come for help. 

We are going to provide, as an additional security measure, special buoys with a waist belt - colored orange - which athletes are required to carry them through out their swimming race and until the end, so that the position of each athlete is visible from far away. Athlete who will terminate without the buoy, it is not possible to be on the podium in the 1st Trinity.

Safety: Safety in the sea will have 3 levels.

First level, inwards (on the side of the coast), lifeguards from Lifeguard Hellas will move along the coast.
Second level will be at the outwards (across the coast) will be 10-12 boats which will also state the route and volunteeres will be ready to step in if needed.
Third level, outwards and in line with the boats, 2 boats carrying the doctor of the race and communication aids will be moving along the routes.
Specila ambulance will be in place at the starting point and moving along the route.
Along the route, the moving of the vehicles will be limited, in order for the ambulance to move fast if needed.
Timing: All swimmers will wear the special timing chip on their hands, which they will receive with the Athletes kit and have to return upon finishing the race.

Registrations: The maximum number of registration will be 300 in total (100 for the long distance and 200 for the other 2 distances).

Awards: Each swimmer who will finish within the given time will receive the medal of participation.

Award Categories: without WETSUIT

- General men and women
- Age groups

Μ1 up to 19 years old
M2 20-29 years old
M3 30-39 years old
M4 40-49 years old
M5 50-59 years old
M6 60+ years old

W1 up to 19 years old

W2 20-29 years old
W3 30-39 years old
W4 40-49 years old
W5 50-59 years old
W6 60+ years old

Award Categories: with WETSUIT
- General men and women

For an age group to be complete, there must be at least 4 participations. If not, the athletes of this category will be awarded with the next age group. The winners of the general categories will be awarded only once and will not participate in the age groups awards.

Audience: Audience will have the chance to be at the finishing point. They will not be able to move with cars or bikes along the route, however the bicycles will be allowed.
Judges: The judges of the race will be 12 and will be present at the starting point as well as in the boats along the swimming routes. The clerk of the course will be in one of the boats which will move along the swimming route ready to step in if needed.
Any objections will be granted only during the finishing and for one after the finish of the race.


Map Route 5 km Running - Syros Triathlon

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