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Obstacle Swimming

Starting Point: "Niki's" Statue (Ermou Street)

Track: Route with obstacles 

Ending Point: "Niki's Statue (Ermou Street)


Starting time: 18.00
Awarding categories:
- General men and women

Awards :
- All athletes participating and finish within the given time will receive the participating medal.

All Half Olympic Distance and Olympic Distance athletes who will finish within time will receive their medals at the award ceremony in Miaouli sq. on Saturday the 23rd of June at 20:30.

Registration fee and participation rules
All athletes should send their medical document which template can be found in our site www.syrostriathlon.gr. as well as having paid in full registration fee within the specific timeline given.
Valid medical document is the one which has printed date within 1 year from the race date or any valid federation document.
The organization has the athletes’ safety as a top priority and for this reason the rules are very strict regarding the medical documents. After all, is an opportunity for all athletes’ to check their health at least once a year.

Modifications on the race announcement
The organizers withheld the right to change the race announcement. Any changes will be communicated through our site, facebook page and e-mails).

The organization will set the number of registrations upon the opening of the registrations and the pre-registered athlete will have the priority to register in case of shortage.



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Obstacle Swimming

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